Developing a Web-based Tool for IRIS Astrometry Calculations

This mini-project was completed in 2019 as part of the TMT Early-Career Initiative (TECI) program.

Project Team

Sireesha Chamarthi (Indian Institute of Astrophysics)

Trupti Ranka (Giant Magellan Telescope)

Arun Surya (University of California, San Diego)

Project Consultant

Jessica Lu (University of California, Berkeley – TMT IRIS Science Team) 

Project summary

The project team worked to convert the Excel-based astrometry calculator for TMT’s IRIS instrument into an interactive web-based calculator, enabling TMT scientists to evaluate IRIS astrometry budget for various science cases. The interface was designed to be compatible with and complementary to the current IRIS Exposure Time Calculator. In September 2019 the team traveled to UC Berkeley for a one-week visit with Jessica Lu and Matthias Schoeck (TMT Project Office).  During the visit they presented their progress developing the web-based calculator, learned about the IRIS astrometry error budget in detail, and worked to refine the calculator.  Their IRIS astrometry error budget tool is now operational online.  This tool will help the U.S. extremely large telescope community develop and refine science cases to be featured in federal funding proposals.