Information about COVID-19 and AstroTech

This page contains important information for everyone attending AstroTech (participants and instructors). It includes information about:

Prior to AstroTech, more details below, but briefly:

    • Proof of COVID-19 vaccines are required (card or photo)
    • Do a rapid at-home COVID test prior to leaving home before traveling to AstroTech, to confirm a negative result
    • Pack at least 5 rapid test kits, so that you can test each morning (we will cover the cost of test kits)
    • Purchase travel insurance. See instructions HERE.

At AstroTech, more details below, but briefly:

    • Each morning, beginning Monday (before coming to AstroTech), do a rapid COVID test
    • Complete a symptom check/test results form each day
    • Wear a mask at all times, except when eating or drinking

Prior to AstroTech: 

  • UC COVID-19 vaccine requirement: AstroTech is run by University of California and will follow their vaccine requirements (link). You should be prepared to show your vaccination card. A physical card or photo is acceptable.
  • Travel insurance: All participants traveling by air should purchase travel insurance, which should be ~$50-$75. This insurance should cover your costs associated with medical treatment and/or extended stay due to COVID required isolation.  ISEE will reimburse for the cost of travel insurance, assuming it is reasonable (<$80). Travel insurance should also cover reimbursement for airfare if you get sick close to travel time. See the travel insurance page.
  • Purchase rapid at-home COVID test kits: You will need to use one before leaving home, plus one for each day you are at AstroTech. For participants, that will be a total of six tests. For instructors, it will vary. We are sending an Amazon eCard, for the amount we estimated is needed to purchase test kits. 
  • Bringing travel companions: We understand that there are a range of reasons that participants may want to bring a travel companion to Berkeley. We want participants to be comfortable and are okay with participants bringing travel companions if they feel it is necessary. However, we want to make sure that participants are thinking through all the ramifications. An extra person means additional risk of exposure to COVID, which affects everyone participating in AstroTech. In addition, it brings additional risk of travel delays due to testing positive for COVID. Unfortunately, travel companions may not attend any AstroTech events. Travel companions are completely responsible for managing their own stay in Berkeley, including taking care of themselves in the event of testing positive for COVID. Travel companions should be fully vaccinated, will be asked to conduct daily rapid at-home COVID tests like we will ask of AstroTech participants, and are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance.

    At AstroTech:

    • Keep your COVID-19 card, or a photo of it, in your possession at all times.
    • Each morning before leaving the hotel or home, please do a rapid at-home COVID test.
    • Each morning, after doing your COVID test, complete the daily symptom check / test results form:
    • If you test positive, please stay where you are, and get in touch with AstroTech staff (phone numbers will be given upon arrival), so that we can make a plan.
    • Wear a mask at all times, except when eating or drinking
    • Please be as careful as possible when you are dining and socializing outside of AstroTech activities. We are all relying on each other to keep our whole group safe and COVID free.

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