Summer school on astronomical instrumentation for undergraduates and graduate students.

July 19 – 23, 2021

University of California, Berkeley

AstroTech Instructors and Staff

Jessica Lu

AstroTech Co-Principal Investigator and Lead Instructor

Associate Professor of Astronomy at University of California Berkeley

Her specialty areas include Adaptive optics (AO), Astrometry, Black holes, Galactic Centers, Optical/infrared instrumentation, Resolved Stellar Populations, Star and Cluster Formation, The Stellar Initial Mass Function. Prof. Lu works on several instrumentation teams that aim to improve AO on the ground and infrared astrometry from space, including the Thirty Meter Telescope IRIS instrument, the ‘imaka project to test very wide-field AO, the W.M. Keck AO system, and the WFIRST Astrometry working group.

Lisa Hunter

AstroTech Co-Principal Investigator and Instructor

As the Director of the Institute of Scientitst & Engineer Educators (ISEE) at University of California Santa Cruz. She has been collaborating with the telescopes and the astronomy community for 20 years to offer programs aimed at the undergraduate to professional levels. Her work has focused on equity and inclusion, development of professional skills, and effective teaching and mentoring. She leads the nationally recognized Akamai Workforce Initiative, which is aimed at building a local workforce for telescopes in Hawaii, and numerous other programs at ISEE.

Shelley Wright

AstroTech Instructor

Bio Coming Soon.

Emily Martin

AstroTech Instructor

Bio Coming Soon.

Cynthia Nelly Carrión

AstroTech Program Manager

Cynthia is an ISEE Program Manager and works on the team that runs the AstroTech Summer School. Cynthia is involved in managing AstroTech in a range of ways, including program launch, application and selection, communication, and evaluation of program outcomes. In addition to AstroTech, Cynthia is also a supporting member of other ISEE programs and initiatives such as for the Workshops for Engineering and Science Transfers (WEST) program at UC Santa Cruz and the Akamai Internship Program.

Nicholas McConnell

AstroTech Instructor

Bio Coming Soon.

Nicole Mattacola

AstroTech Program and Event Coordinator

Nicole coordinates all events big and small that support the programmatic goals of ISEE. She implements and synchronizes the logistics of the many program workshops, symposia, retreats, conferences, presentations, faculty meetings, and partnership activities both on and off campus, and provides event support. Nicole facilitates ISEE program application and selection processes, and serves as the point of contact with participants from registration through wrap-up. She provides the main administrative support for ISEE with scheduling meetings, processing travel reimbursements and assisting with procurement functions. Nicole works full-time for ISEE as a UCSC staff member.

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AstroTech is funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation and by the National Science Foundation through the Keck All-Sky Precision Adaptive Optics (KAPA) project (AST #1836016).