Program Costs

AstroTech is free for all accepted participants to attend!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation, AstroTech is an affordable opportunity. 

Below is an itemized list of which costs are covered by AstroTech, and which participants must cover on their own or with support from their home institution. Details are subject to change due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) constraints, and currently assume the scenario of an in-person summer school. Please see our page on COVID-19 impacts for the most updated information.  



There is no fee to apply.



Registration fee is waived for all participants.



AstroTech will provide the required equipment and software used during the in-person summer school.


TRAVEL (for in-person summer school)

Airfare and transportation: AstroTech will cover the cost of economy-class airfare and/or ground transportation.

Ground transportation between participant home and local airport: Participants flying to attend the AstroTech Summer School are responsible for transportation costs between their home and airport of origin.


LODGING, MEALS, AND INCIDENTALS (in-person summer school)

Lodging: All participants are provided with free lodging at a hotel where all AstroTech participants and instructors stay, within walking distance to the summer school site and a wide range of eating options. Please review the page on lodging, travel, and site information for more details.

Meals: All participants are provided lunch during the five days of the summer school (July 19 – 23, 2021). Participants are responsible for the costs of all other meals.

Other costs: Participants are responsible for all other costs and incidentals.