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Important Dates

November 2022: Application opens!

February 16, 2023: Deadline to apply

Late March 2023: Applicants notified

July 16, 2023: Participants arrive at UC Berkeley

July 17 – 21, 2023: Summer School at UC Berkeley

July 22, 2023: Participants depart 



    AstroTech has two applications, one for individuals applying as “new participants” and one for AstroTech alumni, e.g., who have previously participated in the AstroTech Summer School. 

    1. Choose the appropriate application portal, e.g., new participant or AstroTech alumni.
    2. If you are a new participant, and have never registered, create an account on the application portal, otherwise, please use your previous account login to apply. 
    3. Fill out the information section of the online application completely
    4. Upload unofficial transcripts
    5. Submit the name and contact of at least 1 reference*  (new participants ONLY)
    6. Review and submit the main application (part A) by the deadline
    7. Eligible applicants, those that submitted their main application by the deadline, will be emailed a link to part B when it becomes available sometime after February 16, 2023

    *References will be emailed a link to complete a reference questionnaire instead of submitting letters. Deadline for all parts of the main application, including transcripts and reference questionnaire(s), is February 16, 2023


    Begin the process early! 

    Gather unofficial transcripts and notify references of the deadline to submit their reference questionnaire. 

    If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact

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    The AstroTech Summer School application consists of two required parts: 

      1. Part A, which opens in Fall, is the main application. 
      2. Part B, which will be available in late Winter, is a supplementary questionnaire that includes questions relating to transportation logistics and your ability and willingness to adhere to precautionary measures that are required due to COVID-19, as described in the AstroTech COVID-19 info page. ***Both the main application and supplementary questionnaire (parts A and B, respectively), are required and must be submitted for your application to be considered complete. ***

    Applicants should not wait for Part B to be available to submit their application: Applicants must submit the main application (Part A) by the deadline on February 16, 2023. The supplementary questionnaire (Part B) will become available after this deadline. Only applicants that submit the main application will receive an emailed link to Part B in late winter.

    Required Materials

    Online application: Main Application (opens in Fall

    ***All materials defined below can be submitted through the online application form via “apply here” button at top of page ***

    • Information section
    • References section (new participant application only)
    • Transcripts and colleges sections

    Online application: Supplemental Questionnaire (opens late Winter)

    • Questionnaire related to transportation logistics and COVID-19 precautionary measures.

    Information section 

    Answer questions about your interest in AstroTech, personal background and experiences, and career motivations.

    References (new participant applicants only)

    Provide contact information (email address) for a reference who can speak to your experience and interest in a discipline related to astronomical instrumentation. 

    Named references will receive an email with a personalized link to submit a questionnaire to address your career goals, motivation, and teamwork, and how AstroTech will be a beneficial opportunity to you. We are looking to hear from a reference who can speak to your experience and interest in a discipline related to astronomical instrumentation (astronomy, physics, engineering, computer science). Letters of recommendation will not be accepted.

    We recommend that you submit your reference’s contact information as soon as you begin the application. They will receive a questionnaire that they must submit by February 16, the same date your application responses and transcript(s) are due.

    Transcripts & Colleges sections

    • Providing unofficial academic transcript(s) from all applicable institutions.
    • List of college(s) attending or have attended.

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    Eligibility and Selection Criteria

    We consider various factors in the selection process. Applicants will have the opportunity to address these factors through written responses on the application form, by identifying a reference for further input, and by providing relevant academic transcripts. See the section on “Required Materials” above, for details on each application section. Additionally, a core goal of AstroTech is to help reverse the underrepresentation of people of color, women and gender minorities, and other marginalized groups in astronomy instrumentation.  We especially encourage individuals from historically underrepresented groups to apply.

    For returning AstroTech participants, please see this document for information on the returner experience and selection criteria:

    AstroTech Returning Experience Information

    — Selection Criteria Overview —

    • Interest in a career in astronomical instrumentation and value of AstroTech toward that goal (uniqueness of opportunity and career alignment)
    • Prior coursework and academic performance relevant to instrumentation
    • Skills or experience relevant to instrumentation (we will consider technical skills/experience, and broader skills/experience with creating things and addressing open-ended problems) 
    • Interest in diversity, equity and inclusion, and becoming a more inclusive team member to improve teamwork and collaboration skills
    • Availability for the full duration of the summer school

    Interest in a career in astronomical instrumentation:

    Priority is given to applicants who are interested in pursuing a career in astronomical instrumentation. Technical work in astronomy instrumentation includes a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds in engineering, physics, astronomy, and computer science. We will consider applicants in any of these fields. Applicants are encouraged to bring up any part of their background that demonstrates their interest in an instrumentation career in their application.

    Academic level:

    Priority is given to “upper-level” undergraduate students (at least two years of undergraduate experience prior to attending the summer school) or graduate students in the first two years of a graduate program, whether terminating in a Masters or PhD.  

    Individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree (including those not currently enrolled), and are intending to pursue graduate studies related to astronomical instrumentation are also considered.  

    **We will also consider applications from individuals outside of the above described academic or disciplinary background, who can demonstrate the value of AstroTech to their career trajectory in astronomical instrumentation.**

    Interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI):

    A core goal of AstroTech is to increase participation of women, people of color, and other marginalized groups in astronomy instrumentation, and contribute to making the field a more inclusive environment. Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate their interest in DEI in general (through involvement in activities, organizations, personal experiences, etc.), and specifically in AstroTech’s focus on how to be a more inclusive team member.


    To be eligible for the summer school, applicants must be studying or working in the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories) during the program year. U.S. citizenship is not required. 

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    Individuals with questions about AstroTech should contact AstroTech program staff –