AstroTech Development Workshop

July 15-19, 2019 – Berkeley, California

Co-hosted by the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators, the University of California Berkeley, and W. M. Keck Observatory

Participant List  

Development Workshop Agenda: lab activities / student participants

Development Workshop Agenda: development sessions / instructor participants

The AstroTech Development Workshop is the key event for building the AstroTech summer school for astronomical instrumentation, to begin in 2020.  The goals of AstroTech are to train outstanding instrumentalists and to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion within astronomical instrumentation.  The Development Workshop is a unique opportunity to develop a program around these goals, using what is known about why people persist and advance in science and engineering fields.

In July 2019 the Development Workshop brought together people interested in designing, developing, or instructing instrumentation activities for the summer school. Several lab activities on optics and instrumentation were piloted, with working time for incorporating feedback and revisions. The workshop also included planning and training on equitable teaching practices for future instructors.  

  • Funding

    AstroTech is funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation and by the National Science Foundation through the Keck All-Sky Precision Adaptive Optics (KAPA) project.