TIO can provide funding for lodging & meals for participants accepted to attend the workshop and has limited funding for roundtrip airfare to and from Hilo, Hawaii, USA.


The sources for travel awards not provided by TIO are as follows:

  • TMT Canada applicants: coming soon

  • TMT China applicants: coming soon

  • TMT India applicants: coming soon

  • TMT Japan applicants: coming soon

  • Caltech applicants: coming soon

  • University of California applicants may be eligible to receive travel funding through the University of California Observatories.

Applicants are encouraged to contact their country/organization-specific representative to request funding for roundtrip airfare:

Country/Institution Contacts (contact for questions regarding workshop participation funding and any country/institution specific questions)

To apply for funding, fill out the workshop application and near the end, indicate the funding you have available to use.  The more funding you have available, the higher priority your application will be given if necessary.