TECI Workshop


2020 TECI Workshop – Victoria, Canada, May 26 – June 1

The TECI Workshop is key component of the TMT Early-Career Initiative (TECI), and is where the early career TMT community comes together, learns new skills, gains initial engagement in TMT projects, and interacts with the broader TMT community. Participants in TECI may elect to participate in only the annual workshop, but the workshop will also stimulate further engagement between individuals or small teams and TMT projects.

  • Workshop Specifics

    This workshop is scientific and technical, and is much like a “summer school” style event, with more emphasis on professional skills that are highly valued by TMT and large projects in general. Sessions give participants an opportunity to learn and practice skills such as working effectively on interdisciplinary, international teams; defining technical requirements based on science goals, and managing projects. Participants visit local facilities, and there are extended sessions on instrument design, and engaging in TMT mini-projects.

  • After the Workshop

    At the completion of the workshop, teams submit a summary of their work on TMT mini-projects. Participants interested in continuing to work on the TMT Mini-Project submit a proposal to TECI to collaborate remotely with an expert consultant.  After approval to work remotely, teams can also propose visits to TMT sites). More information on how the workshop fits into the overall TECI program.

  • Past TECI Workshops

       2018 TECI Workshop: December 2-9, immediately followed by the TMT Science Forum, both in Pasadena, California, USA.

    TECI builds on lessons learned from piloting two “Future TMT Leaders” workshops, one in 2016 in Hilo, Hawaii, and one in Santa Cruz, California. These workshops enabled the ISEE team to pilot workshop sessions, engage the TMT community, and get feedback from participants.

2017 TECI Workshop, August 22-29, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

2016 TECI Workshop, December 3 & 5, Hilo, HI, USA

To apply to attend the TECI Workshop go to the current workshop page: 2020 TECI Workshop.