Instructors, Speakers, Participating Organizations, and Workshop Participants

    • Our list of confirmed speakers and instructors is growing.  Please stay tuned!
      • Gary Sanders, Project Manager, TMT

      • Luc Simard, Science Instruments Group Leader, TMT

      • Scott Roberts, Systems Engineering Group Leader, TMT

      • Hanne Buur, Software Group Leader, TMT

      • Warren Skidmore, Telescope Research Scientist, TMT

      • Renate Kupke, Adaptive Optics Project Scientist, University of California

      • Sandra Dawson, Manager of Hawaii Community Affairs, TMT

      • Lisa Hunter, Director, Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators 

      • Megan Ansdell, Astrophysics Graduate Student, University of Hawaii at Manoa

      • Austin Barnes, Education & Workforce Development Program Manager, Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators



This workshop is sponsored by TMT, co-sponsored by University of California Observatories (UCO), and led by the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators (ISEE) at UCSC, in collaboration with the TMT Workforce, Education, Public Outreach, and Communication (WEPOC) committee.  

Participants will have the opportunity to tour Lick Observatory on nearby Mt. Hamilton, and the UCSC Laboratory for Adaptive Optics.  Additionally, the workshop location will offer opportunities for participants to visit and meet with TMT collaborators from UCSC, ISEE, and the TMT Wide-Field Optical Spectrometer (WFOS).


Name Institution Position Field of Study/Research