Broadening Participation in Future Telescopes 2018 Workshop Attendees

Austin Barnes, Program Manager – ISEE / UC Santa Cruz

Matthew Benacquista, Program Director – NSF AST division

Ravinder Bhatia, Associate Project Manager – Thirty Meter Telescope

Jennesse Brewer, TMT WEPOC Consultant – 23.4 Degrees

Sandra Dawson, Manager Hawaii Community Relations – Thirty Meter Telescope

Michael Fitzgerald, Professor – UC Los Angeles

Harshal Gupta, Program Director – NSF AST division

Lisa Hunter, Director – ISEE / UC Santa Cruz

Heather Kaluna, Assistant Professor -University of Hawaii at Hilo

Anne Kornahrens, AAAS S&T Policy Fellow – National Science Foundation

Jessica Lu, Assistant Professor – UC Berkeley

Heather Marshall, DKIST IT&C Manager – AURA/National Solar Observatory

Claire Max, Director – University of California Observatories

Patrick J. McCarthy, Vice President – GMTO

Nicholas McConnell, Program Manager – ISEE / UC Santa Cruz

Katie Morzinski, Assistant Astronomer – University of Arizona

Max Mutchler, Head of Research and Instrument Analysis Branch – Space Telescope Science Institute

Jim Neff, Program Director – NSF AST division

Dara Norman, Deputy Assoc Director for CSDC – NOAO

Rafael Palomino, Program Manager – ISEE / UC Santa Cruz

Emily Rice, Associate Professor – CUNY College of Staten Island

Warren Skidmore, Instrument System Scientist – Thirty Meter Telescope

Gordon Squires, Director of WEPOC – Caltech/IPAC – TMT

Stacey Sueoka, Optical Systems Engineer – DKIST/NSO

Marianne Takamiya, Professor -University of Hawaii at Hilo

Gelys Trancho, Sr Systems Engineer – Thirty Meter Telescope